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Bi-Weekly Weigh In


Weight Pre-Pregnancy - 114
Final Pregnancy Weight - 174
Last check in Weight - 144
Current Weight - 142
Amount lost since last weigh in - 2lbs
Total Amount lost since 1/23/10 - 32lbs

Goal to lose by 8/25/2010 - 28 lbs (I have to look decent by my 30th birthday, I just HAVE to!)

Exercise in the last two weeks:

3 trips to the gym walking on treadmill for 30 minutes
3 neighborhood walks pushing the stroller for 30-35 minutes

Basic Meal Plan:

plain oatmeal and fruit for breakfast most days
yogurt, fruit, raw veggies, low fat wheat thins for snacks
cottage cheese, fruit, veggies hummus for lunch
grilled meats, veggies and salad for dinners
occasional chocolate or sugar fix
occasional glass of wine or a beer
no dairy for the most part. drinking soy milk and non fat creamer now.

I have my six week check up next week and after the doctor gives me the all clear, I will start working out a little more vigorously. I still have some tenderness in my abdomen and I don't want to push it until I know all is ok but I am at least starting to get into a semi fitness routine. I love my walks in the neighborhood with Griffin. I will miss that when I go back to work. Good news is, summer is coming and long sunshiney days will be here and we can walk with him after work!

dork pattie

pictures of our house!

ok finally have some pictures to show you! the house doesn't have carpet yet, that is supposed to go in on tuesday. and the house needs some work - but these are the before pics! the first thing we are going to do is pressure wash and paint the exterior. our other immediate projects include removing all the wall paper, painting (everything is white white white) and replacing all the wood doors and baseboards with white doors and baseboards.


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