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Where your treasure is...

there will your heart be also.

25 August
Where Mickey and Minnie Live
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I solemnly swear I am up to no good...

....mischief managed!

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These bios always tend to stump me. Does anyone even read them?!

What can I say about myself? I believe I am an eternal optimist. A constant day dreamer. I'm easily amused and overly sensitive. I wear my emotions on my sleeve (face, entire person, etc.). My husband says I am too friendly for my own good, whatever that means.

I like nerdy tv shows on the discovery, history and science channel and read far more than I watch TV anyway. I'm big on photography, cooking, baking, being a foodie, and as of late, being a homeowner and decorating my house.

I used to be a wild, crazy, boozing it up, dancing the night away, single Miami party girl but am now very much in blissful domestic happiness.

"We are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars."

Oscar Wilde

24 hour diners, amusement parks, ancient egypt, animals, bad jokes, baking, baubles, beer, being a mom, birthdays, book worms, bookmarks, boston terriers, breakfast items, breastfeeding, brick buildings, bubble baths, bubbles, cappuccino, care packages, caribbean, champagne, chanel, cheese, cheese fries, chewing gum, chinese food, christmas, cirque du soleil, cocktails, coffee, cooking, creativity, cruises, cuban food, culinary arts, cupcakes, dancing, dark-haired hotties, david, david yurman, day dreaming, doodling, dressing up, eating, email, entertaining, europe, falling in love, family, florida, food, giggling, glamour, goals, greece, greek mythology, green, grocery shopping, guinness, handwritten notes, harry potter, holidays, honesty, hot chocolate, hugs, ice cream, intelligent conversations, jelly beans, kindness, kung fu movies, laughing til you cry, learning new things, lip balm, lip gloss, love, mac, makeup, making lists, making out, manicures and pedicures, marriage, marshmallows, miami, moonlight, moulin rouge, movies, museums, my doggie, new york city, orlando, peonies, peppermint, photography, planning, prague, rain, reading, road trips, roller coasters, romance, rootbeer, sakebombs, sarcasm, sashimi, shoes, shopping, sleeping, snail mail, snuggling, sparkly things, st. thomas, star gazing, stella artois, stick-shifts, strongbow cider, sunshine, super high heels, surprises, sushi, tattoos, theology, tim burton, top chef, tulips, used book stores, vacations, vanilla, vintage, walks on sunny days, wasabi, weekends, willow trees, wine